And the Winner is . . .

April 17, 2012

Congrats to Heidi, whose comment was randomly chosen as the winner of a the TripClip giveaway!  Molly from their company will be contacting her for shipping details.

And thank you for all your participation and great suggestions for printable activities.

– Misty

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Last Chance for a free TripClip

April 16, 2012

The Free Trip Clip giveaway ends tonight – all you need to do is leave a comment, link via Facebook, Twitter, or your blog for up to four entries in the giveaway.  You’ve got pretty good odds, since there are not very many entries at this point.

Good luck!

– Misty

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Free TripClip Giveaway!

April 5, 2012

I just reviewed The Trip Clip and now they’d like to offer a free one to one of my readers.  Nice of them, isn’t it!

You’ll get your own Trip Clip along with 20 activity credits, which allows you unlimited prints on almost all their activities.

Molly at The Trip Clip would also love to get more ideas from moms about what type of printable activity sheets they’d like to see.

How to enter:

  1. Leave a comment to this post suggesting an idea for a printable activity OR mentioning how you would use the Trip Clip.
  2. Link to this giveaway on your own website or blog and then leave a comment letting me know where you posted it.
  3. Mention and link to this giveaway in a Facebook post and then leave a comment to let me know.
  4. Tweet the link to this giveaway on twitter and then post a comment to let me know.

So, you could enter up to four times if you did each of these.  Make sure to mention each thing you did in a separate comment, as each comment will count as only one entry.

We’ve really enjoyed the Trip Clip in the car and it especially helps our 3-year-old feel like he’s doing ‘real school’ like his older siblings.



  1. Contest is open to anyone – tell any friends you know that might have children who would enjoy the Trip Clip.
  2. Contest will end Monday, April 16th, so you have a little over a week to enter.  Once a winner is chosen, I will forward the winning email to The Trip Clip company and they will contact you for shipping information.
  3. Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

Good luck!

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50% off Melissa and Doug Today – Great Learning Toys

December 8, 2011

We love the Melissa and Doug toys for the under 6 crowd in our home, and today they are 50% off as Amazon’s deal of the day:

Melissa and Doug Sale

A couple of our favorites are $10 instead of $20:

Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box

And for some fun early pattern and math skills, this keeps my 3-year-old intently busy for up to 30 minutes.  That’s a record!  🙂

Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards


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My favorite tips on getting this year’s best Amazon deals

December 6, 2011

In addition to homeschooling, I’ve always been an avid bargain shopper, so I hope you’ll excuse the occasional deal post.  Amazon seems to always have the greatest discounts this time of year, plus it’s delivered right to my door.  Win, win!

Here are a few tips that have helped me out:

  1. Get a free Amazon Prime Membership Trial, which gives you free 2-day shipping and also removes the $25 order requirement to get free shipping.  You can only do this if it’s been 13 months since a previous free trial. (Make sure to go into “My Account” and “Manage Prime Membership” and review whether you want the Prime to automatically renew after the trial.)
  2. Check out the Movers and Shakers Amazon page.  In the left hand column, you can click on the category you’re looking at like ‘toys’ or ‘books’.  This will show you products that have started selling much faster than usual.  This is usually the really popular items along with the ones you’re looking for – the best priced deals.
    • Like these two expansions to our newest family favorite game, Dominion.  We love it because everyone from age 5 to adult enjoys it.  The expansions are usually around $45 and today they dropped to $22 and quickly made the Movers and Shakers page.  Yay!
  3. The Lightning Deals– These go on all day and have specific starting and ending times.  Here are ideas to help you get the items you want:
    • If you’re at all interested in an item, and they are going fast, click and add it to your cart.  You will have 15 minutes to think about it before you need to check out.  If you don’t buy it, it will go to the next person in line.
    • Lightning deals later in the day often only have a clue about what they are.  However, I have found that if you cut and paste the text of the clue and then do a google search for it, with the word “Amazon” you can often figure out what many of the upcoming items are.
  4. Finally, if you want to avoid the urgency of the Lightning Deals, you can check out the Deals of the Day or The Gold Box.  Here’s an idea to sift through the many pages of deals offered in the “Best Deal” slider box.  Here’s what to do.
    • Go to the “Best Deals” slider box in the middle of the page (which can be hundreds of pages).
    • Go to the “Sort by” drop down menu and choose “Percent off (high to low)”
    • Click on the category you’re interested in (toys and games, video games, etc.) just below the product images.
    • Buy the good ones: like this $20 Littlest Pet Shop set for $12

And I appreciate any shopping you do through my links – I get a small referral commission for Amazon purchases made through my links or by using the Amazon search box in the sidebar on my homepage.

Thank you and enjoy your holidays!

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LeapFrog Fridge Phonics $10 Now

December 6, 2010

My little kids enjoy practicing their letters with these LeapFrog fridge letters and they just dropped from $21.99 to $10.00, a great gift price!

Plus, a lot of Amazon’s Preschool Toys are 50% off.


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60% off Crayola Until Tonight on Amazon

December 3, 2010

One more quick deal for your art supply cupboard (Because what homeschooler can’t use a few more art supplies?):

Since the Melissa and Doug toys sold out, Amazon is now offering 60% or more off a handful of Crayola gifts to finish out the day, like the:

Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush – $9.99 (originally $24.99)

or the

Crayola Crayola Color Twister – $6.00 (originally $14.99)


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50% off Melissa and Doug Toys Today Only

December 3, 2010

Today, Amazon has 50% off a lot of their Melissa and Doug toys if you’re looking for a semi-educational toy for your toddler!  These are our favorite to use for the younger kids’ schoolwork . . . if you can call it school 🙂

They have two of our favorites included in the sale:

The Birthday Cake – I have blown these wooden candles out and made wishes too many times to count.  When a real birthday only comes around once a year, this is a great way to relive the excitement or heighten anticipation for an upcoming birthday.

The Cutting Food Box –  My toddlers have always wanted to ‘help’ in the kitchen, and they love using their own toy knife on the fruits and veggies.  Great practice.

A second deal is on the Melissa and Doug big floor puzzles:

Many are marked down with an additional 10% off if you buy $30:

This pirate is one of my boys’ favorites and it’s marked down to $9.82

My youngest loves their Safari Puzzle like this (a previous edition).  This one is 4 feet long with big pieces he can handle easily and lots of animals to keep his interest.  It’s also on sale for $9.99

And don’t forget to get a free 3-month Prime Membership if you’re a caregiver to get free 2-day shipping on any size order.


(P.S.  I appreciate anyone who orders through my Amazon links, which supports this site!)

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Today – Set of Harry Potter 1 – 6 DVD Movies for $24

November 23, 2010

One last deal today – A great gift for your Harry Potter Fan – or to add to your gift closet::

Harry Potter Years 1-6 Giftset (Widescreen Edition) – for $23.99 while it lasts!

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How I Get the Best Deals on Amazon Christmas Shopping

November 23, 2010

I was raised as a bargain hunter. My mom sent us kids down different check-out aisles with coupons clutched in our hands to get multiple deals. And I continue the tradition.

But, my favorite way to save is at the computer, having the gifts delivered to my porch. Which for this time of year means Amazon.

And if you haven’t considered it, it’s also a great time to stock a ‘gift closet’ in the house for quick birthday gifts throughout the year. I send $30 gifts to birthday parties year-long that I paid $5 to $15 for the previous holiday season.

Here’s how I get the best deals:

  1. Browse the Movers and Shakers pages daily from the 3rd week of November up until Christmas.  You can choose the specific category you’re looking for like ‘Toys” or “Video Games”.  This page shows the top 100 items that have suddenly jumped in sales recently.  This usually includes two types of items, the suddenly popular (think Zhu-zhu pets last year), or the best deals (what you’re looking for).  If a popular toy is suddenly discounted 50% and everyone starts grabbing one, it’ll show up on the Movers and Shakers page.
  2. Check the Lightning Deals page whenever you have a chance.  This is a bit more time intensive, because Amazon will have a few Lightning Deals activating every hour or two all day long.  Many are also a secret or have a hint about what it will be.  But, you can sort it by category to give yourself an idea of what is a movie, electronic item, toy, etc.
  3. Browse the Bestseller Pages.  This won’t give you the best deals like the Movers and Shakers, but it will give you an idea of what is popular.  This helps more with choosing gifts and getting ideas.  A game on the Bestseller list is likely to be something fun and worth your money.
  4. Sign up for free Amazon Prime trial membership.  Amazon Prime gives you 2-day shipping on everything, which lets you shop the deals right up until Christmas.  It also removes the $25 requirement to get free shipping, so if you find a movie on sale for $5, you can just get it without trying to get $20 more in your order.
  5. Be prepared for Amazon to match Black Friday prices.  Many retailers are now offering their Black Friday deals online and Amazon often matches them.  Check out – my favorite Black Friday site.  For example, if you are waiting for a $150 Wii that goes on sale at 5 a.m. the morning of Black Friday here are some of your choices.
  • Line up a few hours earlier outside the store and hope to get one when they open.
  • or make sure it is carried online at the store’s website.  Add one to your online shopping cart before 5 am.  When the price drops at 5 am, be prepared to check out really fast.
  • In a second browser window, do the same thing at Amazon.  When 5 am rolls around they may also have it at that price.  If not, keep an eye on the Lightning Deals page, because it may show up there.

I hope that helps some of you make your Christmas dollars stretch and even stock up on some gifts for the future.

Good luck!

P.S.  These links give me a small commission through my Amazon affiliate account.  If you use them, I appreciate it.  But, you’re welcome to go directly to Amazon if you’d like.

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