Some Fun Art Games from The Getty Museum

March 22, 2010

Looking for a fun change in your art instruction?  The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles has developed a collection of fun art games called “Getty Games” using pictures of artwork, sculptures, and more. 

They use the artwork to do matching games, detail detective, switch, and jigsaw puzzles.  You can click on the book icon any time during a game to get info on the background of the art pieces used in the game.  Pretty fun, even for me.


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Junk Mail, Collages, and Fun Art Class Projects.

March 12, 2009


“Doll Faces Flower”  by Brooke

Here’s and ‘oldie but goodie’ idea next time you’re looking for a hands-on art activity: 

Collages!  Remember how much fun we had doing those in elementary school?  Ok, we didn’t have glue sticks back then, and I remember eating the glue paste (it smelled so good!), but it’s still a great activity.  It’s fun, cheap, easy, and best of all, minimal mess.

  1. Gather up old magazines, newspapers, catalogs, preferably for things your kids are interested in like the American Girl Catalog for my daughter.
  2. Pass out paper, scissors, and a extra glue sticks.
  3. Let them cut and glue to their hearts content.
  4. You can suggest ‘Themes’ like the flower my daughter made from doll heads, making a car by finding and cutting out all the parts from different vehicles, making people, fantasy characters, even new Pokemon characters by cutting and glue various parts together.
  5. It’s also some great pattern opportunities including biggest to smallest, sorting, venn diagrams, etc.


What are some of your favorite ‘easy’ hands-on and art activities?  I can always use more, especially when the kids are cooped up inside by the weather!

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