All My Nice Sets . . .

September 8, 2010

If you’ve been a homeschool parent for a while, you’ve probably accumulated some nice, EXPENSIVE, learning ‘sets’  like my set of sandpaper letters pictured above that help young kids trace the letters and feel them with their fingers as a precursor to writing.

You’ll notice the lovely artwork done in whiteboard marker all over the front and back of my sandpaper lower case ‘j’.  (insert muffled growl of frustration here)  So, I was at the sink trying to scrub off the completely NON-erasable marker from the tile and having no luck.  I complained loudly in the vicinity of my husband, “I have no nice sets of anything left around here!”

His response, in a mostly non-mocking tone of voice . . . though the smile was a bit suspicious:

“You have a nice set of children.”

LOL – Ok, I do have a nice set of children . . . even they’ve destroyed all my other nice sets.

I’ll have to remember that more often.

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Top 10 Signs Your House is a Mess

April 16, 2009

I finally realized that one of the challenges of homeschooling is that my kids are home all day, which mean they are not only learning at home with me, but they are making messes at home.  (See this post on some ideas to make chore time more fun and productive.)

And one of the greatest coping mechanism is having a bit of humor, so you laugh instead of cry when you see something like #4.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Signs Your House is a Mess

  1. You smile when you hear your kids having a blast playing a new game, until you hear what it is:  See who can get from the front door to the other end of the family room by stepping on objects without touching the floor.  You’re mortified that it’s not only possible, but easy.
  2. When a friend wants to sit down, you need to scoot over piles of laundry to clear a spot.  Hey, at least it’s clean laundry!
  3. Your walls have character, ie. the flat paint from the builder has now faded to a splotchy grey color punctuated with bright splashes of crayon lines.
  4. The occasional wall has even better art on it.  (It’s not chocolate! :-}
  5. wall_streaks

  6. You’ve run around the kitchen, holding a hot baking sheet and it’s taken you so long to find some empty counterspace to lay it down, you’ve almost burnt your fingers.
  7. You ask your child to make his bed, because a friend is coming over to play,and he asks, “Make it into what?”
  8. Your floor gets mopped in sections centered around various ‘spills’ over the course of a month or two.
  9. There is enough food under the kitchen table and the edges of various couches to feed an extra child.
  10. When you scrub up a carpet spill, you notice the now blindingly bright spot in the middle of the carpet every time you walk into the room.
  11. You smile and think of your house as ‘lived in’ and wouldn’t trade all the messmakers for anything.  (Though having a clean house stay reasonably clean is a reason to look forward to grandparenthood)

Anyone have an extra Top 10 Sign to add to the list? Just add it to the comment section and share a laugh 🙂

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