Dojo Math – Kickin’ Online Game!

September 10, 2008

Do you need a fun way for your kids to practice their math? 

Dojo Math is a great little online game with a Ninja Lizard who spins, kicks and punches workout bags with the answers to math questions on them.  If you click on the wrong one, the bag swings back and conks him in the head.  Move over flashcards!

There are a great number of choices for math problems:

  • Counting: to 12 and skip counting 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • Addition: 1 digit, 2 digit, doubles
  • Subtraction: 1 and 2 digit
  • Mixed Addition and Subtraction: 1 and 2 digit, with 0’s, multiples of 10
  • Multiplication: factor through 12, 2 digit x 1 digit, multiples of 10
  • Division: to 12, to 12 with remainders

And there are great motivation elements:

  • Levels are timed.
  • You need meet the goal of problems answered correctly to move on to the next level.
  • You score points for everything you get right.
  • If you exceed the goal, you get bonus points.
  • You get speed bonus points for the questions you answer quickly and correctly.
  • You can also earn a perfect bonus.

And my and the kids’ favorite:

  • There is an instant replay button to show the whole level in super fast play, including all the bonks your lizard got when the bag hit him after a wrong answer.

Whatever your math curriculum, this game makes for some fun practice and drill.  With all the emphasis on speed and getting the problem correct, kids begin to master the basic math tables in no time.

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