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July 23, 2009

photo by asteegabo

photo by asteegabo

Homeschooling adds more time with kids at home, plus school supplies for the whole family = clutter trouble!

Since we’re on a de-cluttering theme this week, I thought I’d add a little humor – feel free to add to the list:

10 Signs You’re a Clutter-oholic

  1. You don’t startle at thunder, because you’re used to random loud noises when something in the house crashes to the floor from it’s precarious perch at the top of a pile.
  2. You love garage sales, always bring treasures home . . . and they never leave.  You shrug off your spouse’s questions about when you’re going to have a garage sale to get rid of all your junk.  (It’s NOT junk!)
  3. You just pay the lost fee for the occasional library book.  If you can’t find it in the couch cushions, under the car seat, or between the bed and the wall, there’s no telling where it is.
  4. You laugh when you hear others complain about dusting.  You don’t have to dust your surfaces . . .  All of them are covered in stuff.
  5. You have to launch into the history of an item to someone who is really listening, before you can throw it away . . . much like a eulogy.  After that, it can respectfully be laid to rest.
  6. Your one bottle of furniture polish lasts you 5 years.  You rarely clean all the way down to the wood so you can use it.
  7. If asked to throw something away, continual lists of possible uses, categorized by function, run through your mind:  craft ideas, as a food item, sewn into clothing, component of a recycled sculpture, use by other children, neighbors, starving children in Africa, etc., etc.
  8. When someone mentions ‘spring cleaning’, you ask, “Which spring?” 
  9. You have thick hot pads in the kitchen to give yourself time to dance around with a hot pan from the oven until you can clear a spot to set it down.
  10. You “Wow” your husband, kids, and friends by walking straight into a pile of stuff, moving a few things aside, and emerging with the exact item they were looking for.  “Just ‘cuz it looks messy, doesn’t mean I don’t know where everything is!”

Here are some more ideas on making household chores fun.

How about you?  Do you have a ‘clutter-oholic sign’ to add to the list? 

Or maybe a suggestion to help the rest of us keep the clutter under control.  We’d love to hear what you think!

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Top 10 Signs Your House is a Mess

April 16, 2009

I finally realized that one of the challenges of homeschooling is that my kids are home all day, which mean they are not only learning at home with me, but they are making messes at home.  (See this post on some ideas to make chore time more fun and productive.)

And one of the greatest coping mechanism is having a bit of humor, so you laugh instead of cry when you see something like #4.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Signs Your House is a Mess

  1. You smile when you hear your kids having a blast playing a new game, until you hear what it is:  See who can get from the front door to the other end of the family room by stepping on objects without touching the floor.  You’re mortified that it’s not only possible, but easy.
  2. When a friend wants to sit down, you need to scoot over piles of laundry to clear a spot.  Hey, at least it’s clean laundry!
  3. Your walls have character, ie. the flat paint from the builder has now faded to a splotchy grey color punctuated with bright splashes of crayon lines.
  4. The occasional wall has even better art on it.  (It’s not chocolate! :-}
  5. wall_streaks

  6. You’ve run around the kitchen, holding a hot baking sheet and it’s taken you so long to find some empty counterspace to lay it down, you’ve almost burnt your fingers.
  7. You ask your child to make his bed, because a friend is coming over to play,and he asks, “Make it into what?”
  8. Your floor gets mopped in sections centered around various ‘spills’ over the course of a month or two.
  9. There is enough food under the kitchen table and the edges of various couches to feed an extra child.
  10. When you scrub up a carpet spill, you notice the now blindingly bright spot in the middle of the carpet every time you walk into the room.
  11. You smile and think of your house as ‘lived in’ and wouldn’t trade all the messmakers for anything.  (Though having a clean house stay reasonably clean is a reason to look forward to grandparenthood)

Anyone have an extra Top 10 Sign to add to the list? Just add it to the comment section and share a laugh 🙂

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Top 10 Signs You’re Getting Old (Happy Birthday!)

March 22, 2009


  1. The kids you used to babysit have their own kids and you’re pretty sure it’s only been a few years since they were wearing diapers.
  2. You remember being horrified when your ‘ancient’ parents turned 40, and never thought it would happen to you.
  3. You always knew you would be an adult some day, but it still doesn’t feel like you are . . . even with 5 kids.
  4. You’ve made a two column list of reasons for and against dying the gray scattered in your hair, and still can’t decide.
  5. You actually said, “When I was a young . . . ” out loud!
  6. Teenagers look at you in confusion when you use all your cool, rad, awesome, and stoked words in a sentence.  Or, you suggest a larger size when a teenager tells you someone’s pants are ‘tite’.  They say you must be ‘trippin’.  Since you haven’t fallen, you’re a bit confused.
  7. None of the kids in your life have ever heard of “The Smurfs”, “Gilligan’s Island”, “The Flintstones”, or “Inspector Gadget”.  You think “Pokemon” is something a kid does to someone sitting next to them.
  8. 6-year-olds routinely guess you’re close to 100 years old if you don’t give them hints before they guess.
  9. You’d rather people forget it’s your birthday so you can pretend another one hasn’t come and gone.
  10. After one game of ‘friendly’ basketball with other moms, you’re in pain for a week and can’t make it up your own stairs without groaning.

Yes, I’m having a birthday 🙂 I’m really young at heart, though, because I’m pretty sure I”m getting some Webkinz from my kids . . . and I LIKE Webkinz. 

Anyone else out there wondering when they crossed the line from kid to adult?

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Top 10 Signs You May Be An Extreme Couponer:

January 14, 2009

A fun list I jotted down for my bargain hunting friends out there 🙂

Top 10 Signs You May Be An Extreme Couponer

  1. You have a network of friends who save their Sunday coupons for you and you thank them with gift bags of Glade products the stores paid you to take home.
  2. Your basement looks like a small mini-mart, complete with shelving and a year’s supply of all personal care items.
  3. You riffle through your neighbors’ recycle bins on trash day to get any extra Sunday coupons they happen to throw out.  You smile and wave at the strange looks you get.  What’s their problem?
  4. You regularly explain the store’s coupon policy to their own cashiers and have email documentation from corporate headquarter to ‘prove’ it.
  5. It regularly takes you longer to check out than it does to shop, and you warn people not to get in line behind you since you will be using, “lots of coupons!”
  6. The word crazy has been used when others describe your shopping techniques, even in a lighthearted manner (and you enjoy it).  “She saves a crazy amount of money!”  “It’s crazy, how many coupons she has!”
  7. You save every receipt and use them to enter multiple totals (before coupons, coupon total, after coupons, etc.) into a spreadsheet, so you can bask in the glow of how much money you are saving.  You use above spreadsheet to prove to others how ‘not-crazy’ you are and post the totals on your blog.
  8. Unlike your friends who may sneak clothes and expensive shoe purchases into the house, you now sneak bags of deodorant, shampoo, and air fresheners into the house and put them away before your husband sees them.  “But, they were free,” doesn’t work with him any more.
  9. You fume over the shoulder of someone in front of you using a coupon that you don’t have.  Then you run home and look the coupon up on the internet to see where they got it.
  10. You’ve been proposed to in the check-out line by men behind you who watch in amazement as your total plummets to mere dollars.  (True story!  And when I said I was married, he said, “Your husband is a lucky man!”)

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Top 10 Signs You’re a Homeschool Overachiever.

November 25, 2008

(Here’s a fun list I came up with for a bit of a laugh)

Top 10 Signs You’re a Homeschool Overachiever 

  1. It takes you three trips to the car to bring in all the supplies for the lessons you teach at the local homeschool co-op. 
  2. Your kids are careful about asking you simple questions, because they don’t want to check out a book at the library on the topic, write a book report, do a lap book, build a diorama, and finally, give a presentation to the rest of the kids about the answer.
  3. You make it a point to attend local venues during the day on school days so you can gloat over how empty it is, a valued perk of homeschooling . . . and you’re furious when the the seven busloads of school ‘fieldtrippers’ show up and spoil your fun.
  4. You realize you’ve gone too far with the multi-tasking when you find yourself listening to one child reciting a poem, another reading to you, and you’re trying to slice homemade bread for lunch and nurse the baby, all at the same time.  It’s a no go.
  5. When you first started homeschooling with your perfect plan, you secretly sneered a bit at the ‘unorganized’ idea of Unschooling.  But lately, it’s been looking very attractive.
  6. When you’re asked about homeschooling, you hand out a tri-fold color brochure (designed and printed as a homeschool project) detailing all the positive statistics and studies supporting homeschooling.
  7. Because of # 6 above, friends have either started homeschooling with you, or make sure not to bring up the subject anymore.
  8. You have a whole shelf of untouched curriculum in the basement.  And this isn’t just ordinary homeschool curriculum.  You spent hours combing the internet, reading reviews, asking other parents, and then shopping everywhere for the best price including shipping before buying.  But, it’s untouched because you somehow can’t find time to fit it into your schedule or your kids just don’t seem to like it.
  9. You recommend the above curriculum to other homeschoolers, since someone should benefit from all the work you did discovering it.
  10. You have a spreadsheet on each of your children showing ages and major milestones in reading and math.  You print them with corresponding graphs to use as visual aids in discussions with other homeschool parents about their children.

Did you think of anything to add to the list?  Add it to the comment section.  Maybe we can put together a Part II 🙂 

P.S.  I have to admit, we’ve been mostly not getting any schoolwork done ‘Unschooling’ after a 2-week vacation, followed by a couple weeks of being sick, and now heading into the holiday season.  Ok, maybe that isn’t fair to true unschoolers.  Wait, I know!  We’re learning socialization!!  How to help the sick, keep our tempers, function on little sleep, resolve arguments between sick kids, etc., etc.

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