Swimming in February – Our Homeschool Kalahari Vacation

February 19, 2009

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We’ve been gone a bit, enjoying a fun vacation at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.  Not only did we love running around in shorts, T-shirts, and swimsuits in the middle of February, but we were there with a huge group of Homeschoolers as part of the Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering.  ‘Unschooling‘ basically means that you don’t stick to any specific homeschool curriculum.  Instead, you use life to learn and encourage your children’s interests. 

The week was packed with lots of swimming and so many activities that we were running all over the place:  Webkinz parties, Pokemon trading, a Kid’s Marketplace, Dungeon’s and Dragons games, video games, two Talent Shows, dance workshops, a Medieval Ball and tons more!

Here are a few pictures of our fun (and socialization, which we take very seriously as homeschoolers – ROFL)


Our beautiful Princess in her ball gown and hat for the grand finale, the Medieval Ball!


Showing off his own dance moves – the definition of EXUBERANT!  Why can’t I suck off some of their energy and use it myself??


He won the 1000 ticket jackpot in the arcade – and it took him FOREVER to decide how to spend them.


His favorite moment of the Conference:  buying his own bag of cotton candy at the Kid’s Marketplace.


And dressing up in the kid’s lounge is always fun!

Sometimes homeschooling is just way too much fun!  We love this life!

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  1. docmisty February 23, 2009 10:38 pm

    LOL – Unschoolers are very inclusive – as long as you’re willing to be adaptive . . . We heard about the conference last minute, but it is a yearly event. Maybe we could share a big suite and go together next year. The kids would have a blast together and the rooms were almost half price!!

  2. sarah February 23, 2009 10:13 pm

    Hey Misty –
    I wish I would have known this was going on…it sounds like a blast, and Mattie and Jonah LOVE Kalahari. I suppose, though, that we aren’t really “unschoolers” — because we do use some curriculum.

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