Fall, Leaves, Trees and a Free Teacher Guide

October 3, 2008

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Are you feeling a little panicked about the idea of snow, and kids being confined indoors all day?  Well, not all day.  You can spend 20 minutes outfitting the crew in hats, gloves, boots, and snowsuits before sending them out in the cold.  The problem is, they’ll just be back in 4 minutes 30 seconds to either go to the bathroom or because it’s just too cold.  Then you’ll spend another 20 minutes undoing the whole process and have a puddles of melting snow and a pile of wet clothes to show for it.  And, if you’re lucky a few smiles and happy red noses.  (And for those of you without a freezing cold winter, try not to gloat)

So, in this beautiful fall weather, all I can think is, “Go out and play, play, play.  Hurry, winter is coming!”  But it wouldn’t be homeschool life if we weren’t learning something along the way.  Here is a fun resource for fall walks and explorations:

International Paper used to send out free kits about forests, trees, and how trees are used, but due to overwhelming response (probably from homeschoolers), they have been out of stock for a while.  But they have made the resources available in free PDF format here.  A fun idea is to print up the ‘leaf and needle’ or ‘seeds’ poster on some cardstock, put some clear laminate over it to protect from happy grubby fingers, and have a treasure hunt.  Give each kid a bag and see how many of the different leaves and needles they can find on a walk.

And, finally, this is another of our favorite leaf charts to take on a walk – I know I’ve never really looked at a leaf closely until I tried to identify the shape, margin, and venation.  Thank you Wikipedia!

Do you have any fall activities you enjoy as homeschoolers and as a family?  Please post them in the comment section.  Thanks!

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