Homeschool Vacation Adventures!

October 15, 2009

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Being homeschoolers, we can pick up and leave for a vacation late in September, and enjoy cheaper flights and emptier museums.  Even luckier, some of our public-schooled cousins are on year-round school and had a couple weeks off to play with us.

Here are a few highlights from where we’ve been for the last few weeks:


A backyard trampoline was the main attraction of the trip and outshined the museums, fun centers, and aquariums. 


Lots of wonderful girly girl cousin time for our princess who loved getting away from her brothers.


Gardening and quiet chats with Grandma – we miss her!


Silly time with Grandpa – even balloons can be made into swords. (Thanks Aunt Heather!)


Best friend cousins 🙂


Dad joined us with a week to go, and here he is helping with the ‘fun’ task of maneuvering a family of 7 and all their stuff through the airport on the way home.  You should have seen the looks I got doing it on my own on the way there.

And here are a few ideas to while away the boredom while waiting for your meal at a restaurant. (It’s not like your mom taught you anything about manners – at least that you can remember.)

We loved seeing all our family and I so enjoy seeing my kids play with their cousins and get to know all their aunts and uncles!  What a fun vacation!

The mishaps – there are always a handful.


 The first mishap on the third day of our trip – I broke my pinky toe on the leg of a couch!  My husband laughed over the phone and said, “You mean to tell me you spent 20 years doing karate without ever breaking your toe, and now you broke it on a couch?!” 


Good thing my sister-in-law had some comfrey growing in the backyard.  I simmered some and then draped the hot leaves over my toe.  It healed in a couple days instead of a week.


That same day, the baby got a fever that spiked over 104 and stayed high for 3 days prompting a visit to the Urgent Care, a blood draw that missed the first time (so sad!), and nothing found after all.  Just a virus as I thought.  My 6-year-old followed with his own fever the very next day.  With 10 kids in the house, we felt lucky the fever only spread to 2! 


Oh, and on our first morning back, I and Alex were knocked flat by a vicious stomach flu, fever, muscle aches, and other yuckies!  I’m just glad it didn’t happen on the flight home.  One of these days, we’ll have an illness-free vacation (fingers crossed).

I have a question for you larger homeschool families:  Do you have any tips or tricks to make traveling with a big family easier?  How do you keep the whole age range interested and having fun?  I’d appreciate any good ideas!!

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  1. Momma Knows October 15, 2009 3:06 pm

    What’s a vacation– or recovery from one– without SOMEONE getting sick? It just seems to go hand in hand with our family! It sounds like you had a pretty great vacation though! And swordfights at Dennys? (Or anywhere?) The norm with my two boys. 😀

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