Is School Testing More Important than Taking Kids to Work for a Day?

April 26, 2010

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Once a year, there is a “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day“, but the public schools are speaking out against it, saying that missing even a single day of school will hurt the children, especially in light of “high-stakes” testing.

I was wondering what you thought about the article

I have to say this seems silly and even moronic to me.  Here are a few of the benefits that came to mind of having kids spend a day at work with their parents:

  • Ahhh.  So, that’s why I need to learn math.
  • Hmm.  Dad (or Mom) really works hard.  Maybe I should value and appreciate the things I’m given a little more.
  • I do (or don’t) want to do this kind of work when I grow up.  What do I need to do now to reach the future I want?
  • Hmm, maybe I should start thinking about my future.
  • I met a lot of interesting adults today who were really helpful.  Maybe I could find mentors in fields I’m interested in to help me out.
  • Maybe I should study more so I can have a more successful future . . . that might help me on those “high-stakes” test 🙂
  • Dad (or Mom) and I had some great conversations about careers, money, finances, interests, school work, etc. . . . and guess what is the biggest predictor of school success (and yes, high test scores) . . . parental involvement!

Seems silly to think that unplanned snow days, field trips, teacher study days, etc. are all fine reason to have a school free day, yet spending a valuable day with a parent exploring careers and the workplace is dismissed as having no value and even being detrimental to scholastic success.  So sad.

What do you think?

And check out the “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” website for some great ideas.  You may have missed the official day, but there’s no reason you can’t do it another day. 

And another idea for homeschool teens is to help them shadow a whole bunch of the adults in their lives.  Why not shadow someone every month or every week?  What a great way to help chart your future.  How would your college choices or career have changed if you’d been able to shadow a hundred different profressionals during your teen years?  Just a thought.

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