$600 Online Shopping Tip – Search for Codes!

December 19, 2008

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For my bargain hunting readers out there – here’s a very simple online shopping tip that has saved me hundreds of dollars:  Always do a Google search for discount codes before finalizing an online order!

When you are buying something online, you will often see a box on the check-out screen that says one of the following:

  • Promotion code
  • Coupon code
  • Discount code
  • Etc.

What to do:

  • Before you finalize your order, ALWAYS Google the following:  “(the Merchant’s name)” and the exact code term listed. 
  • For example, I was buying something on Buy.com today, and typed this into Google’s search box:  “Buy.com Promotion Code.”  In a few seconds, I found a code that gave me 5% off my Buy.com order.  It was very easy.
  • This fall, I saved $600 on a 2-week van rental with Advantage Car Rentals by typing in one little code word I found online.

The lesson? 

If there is a box for a code, there is probably a code out there somewhere, and hopefully someone has posted it where it’s easy to find using Google.  Sometimes I can’t find one, but the times I do give me that great bargain hunting experience:  easy money saved!

Share With Us:

Do you have an easy tip to save money online?  For homeschool supplies?  Please take a minute to comment.  Thanks!

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  1. Sarah January 13, 2009 9:50 am

    I am the queen of coupon codes…even to the point that if I can’t find a code, sometimes I don’t buy the item! 🙂
    It’s sooo easy to do.

  2. Tayler January 5, 2009 11:50 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing useful online shopping tips. Well, I always prefer to use coupon codes when shopping.

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