How I Get the Best Deals on Amazon Christmas Shopping

November 23, 2010

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I was raised as a bargain hunter. My mom sent us kids down different check-out aisles with coupons clutched in our hands to get multiple deals. And I continue the tradition.

But, my favorite way to save is at the computer, having the gifts delivered to my porch. Which for this time of year means Amazon.

And if you haven’t considered it, it’s also a great time to stock a ‘gift closet’ in the house for quick birthday gifts throughout the year. I send $30 gifts to birthday parties year-long that I paid $5 to $15 for the previous holiday season.

Here’s how I get the best deals:

  1. Browse the Movers and Shakers pages daily from the 3rd week of November up until Christmas.  You can choose the specific category you’re looking for like ‘Toys” or “Video Games”.  This page shows the top 100 items that have suddenly jumped in sales recently.  This usually includes two types of items, the suddenly popular (think Zhu-zhu pets last year), or the best deals (what you’re looking for).  If a popular toy is suddenly discounted 50% and everyone starts grabbing one, it’ll show up on the Movers and Shakers page.
  2. Check the Lightning Deals page whenever you have a chance.  This is a bit more time intensive, because Amazon will have a few Lightning Deals activating every hour or two all day long.  Many are also a secret or have a hint about what it will be.  But, you can sort it by category to give yourself an idea of what is a movie, electronic item, toy, etc.
  3. Browse the Bestseller Pages.  This won’t give you the best deals like the Movers and Shakers, but it will give you an idea of what is popular.  This helps more with choosing gifts and getting ideas.  A game on the Bestseller list is likely to be something fun and worth your money.
  4. Sign up for free Amazon Prime trial membership.  Amazon Prime gives you 2-day shipping on everything, which lets you shop the deals right up until Christmas.  It also removes the $25 requirement to get free shipping, so if you find a movie on sale for $5, you can just get it without trying to get $20 more in your order.
  5. Be prepared for Amazon to match Black Friday prices.  Many retailers are now offering their Black Friday deals online and Amazon often matches them.  Check out – my favorite Black Friday site.  For example, if you are waiting for a $150 Wii that goes on sale at 5 a.m. the morning of Black Friday here are some of your choices.
  • Line up a few hours earlier outside the store and hope to get one when they open.
  • or make sure it is carried online at the store’s website.  Add one to your online shopping cart before 5 am.  When the price drops at 5 am, be prepared to check out really fast.
  • In a second browser window, do the same thing at Amazon.  When 5 am rolls around they may also have it at that price.  If not, keep an eye on the Lightning Deals page, because it may show up there.

I hope that helps some of you make your Christmas dollars stretch and even stock up on some gifts for the future.

Good luck!

P.S.  These links give me a small commission through my Amazon affiliate account.  If you use them, I appreciate it.  But, you’re welcome to go directly to Amazon if you’d like.

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2 Comments so far

  1. docmisty November 30, 2010 8:18 pm

    Glad to help!!

  2. Jill November 23, 2010 1:52 pm

    You’re awesome! I never can find the movers and shakers without going through your website. I’m looking for the Toy Story talking play time Sherrif Woody, and Ragdoll Jessie. They are $29 everywhere. If you happen to see it somewhere cheaper, let me know. I’ll be watching, but I know you’re way better at this than me. I signed up for the Amazon Mom thing yesterday that you posted. Thanks!!!
    Happy Christmas (and rest of the year) shopping!

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