My favorite tips on getting this year’s best Amazon deals

December 6, 2011

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In addition to homeschooling, I’ve always been an avid bargain shopper, so I hope you’ll excuse the occasional deal post.  Amazon seems to always have the greatest discounts this time of year, plus it’s delivered right to my door.  Win, win!

Here are a few tips that have helped me out:

  1. Get a free Amazon Prime Membership Trial, which gives you free 2-day shipping and also removes the $25 order requirement to get free shipping.  You can only do this if it’s been 13 months since a previous free trial. (Make sure to go into “My Account” and “Manage Prime Membership” and review whether you want the Prime to automatically renew after the trial.)
  2. Check out the Movers and Shakers Amazon page.  In the left hand column, you can click on the category you’re looking at like ‘toys’ or ‘books’.  This will show you products that have started selling much faster than usual.  This is usually the really popular items along with the ones you’re looking for – the best priced deals.
    • Like these two expansions to our newest family favorite game, Dominion.  We love it because everyone from age 5 to adult enjoys it.  The expansions are usually around $45 and today they dropped to $22 and quickly made the Movers and Shakers page.  Yay!
  3. The Lightning Deals– These go on all day and have specific starting and ending times.  Here are ideas to help you get the items you want:
    • If you’re at all interested in an item, and they are going fast, click and add it to your cart.  You will have 15 minutes to think about it before you need to check out.  If you don’t buy it, it will go to the next person in line.
    • Lightning deals later in the day often only have a clue about what they are.  However, I have found that if you cut and paste the text of the clue and then do a google search for it, with the word “Amazon” you can often figure out what many of the upcoming items are.
  4. Finally, if you want to avoid the urgency of the Lightning Deals, you can check out the Deals of the Day or The Gold Box.  Here’s an idea to sift through the many pages of deals offered in the “Best Deal” slider box.  Here’s what to do.
    • Go to the “Best Deals” slider box in the middle of the page (which can be hundreds of pages).
    • Go to the “Sort by” drop down menu and choose “Percent off (high to low)”
    • Click on the category you’re interested in (toys and games, video games, etc.) just below the product images.
    • Buy the good ones: like this $20 Littlest Pet Shop set for $12

And I appreciate any shopping you do through my links – I get a small referral commission for Amazon purchases made through my links or by using the Amazon search box in the sidebar on my homepage.

Thank you and enjoy your holidays!

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