Quick Bargain Tip for Shoes!

May 7, 2009

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I just wanted to share: My favorite online shoe store, Shoebuy.com (coupon link), is having a 20% off Mother’s Day Sale.

(Edit – Sorry, I didn’t realize the sale is an email campaign, but you can get the same deal using the code: EMLMOMDAY09 – I’m just not sure about combining it with the $10 off coupon)

Remember when little kids’ feet grew so fast that they didn’t have a chance to wear out their shoes?  You could get away with buying the ‘cheap-o’ shoes.

Here are my 9-year-old’s ‘cheap-o’ shoes after about 4 months of wear:


And then he convinced Dad to grab him another pair at Walmart while they were out on Saturday and a couple days later – the sole starts peeling off:


So, I broke down and got him some quality shoes from my favorite online shoe store:  Shoebuy.com (Coupon link)

What I like about Shoebuy.com (Coupon link)

  • % off sales every other month or so – which I try to combine with an already discounted shoe for great deals.
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns if you don’t like the shoe for ANY reason.
  • Awesome and fast customer service – They really want to make you happy.
  • Lots of customer reviews so I can see how others liked the shoes I’m interested in.
  • Big selection and sizes.

Sure, they have some overpriced items, but I usually buy discounted items during a sale and we’ve gotten some great sneakers and sandles in the $30 – $50 range that retail for double that. 

P.S.  The  links above are for a $10 off $50 coupon as part of their referral program, so you may be able to combine it with the Mother’s Day sale (code EMLMOMDAY09), and it’s a pretty good deal.  And they are very good to their email list – only sending out their sales emails once a month or so.  It’s very easy to unsubscribe.

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