Top 10 Signs You May Be An Extreme Couponer:

January 14, 2009

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A fun list I jotted down for my bargain hunting friends out there 🙂

Top 10 Signs You May Be An Extreme Couponer

  1. You have a network of friends who save their Sunday coupons for you and you thank them with gift bags of Glade products the stores paid you to take home.
  2. Your basement looks like a small mini-mart, complete with shelving and a year’s supply of all personal care items.
  3. You riffle through your neighbors’ recycle bins on trash day to get any extra Sunday coupons they happen to throw out.  You smile and wave at the strange looks you get.  What’s their problem?
  4. You regularly explain the store’s coupon policy to their own cashiers and have email documentation from corporate headquarter to ‘prove’ it.
  5. It regularly takes you longer to check out than it does to shop, and you warn people not to get in line behind you since you will be using, “lots of coupons!”
  6. The word crazy has been used when others describe your shopping techniques, even in a lighthearted manner (and you enjoy it).  “She saves a crazy amount of money!”  “It’s crazy, how many coupons she has!”
  7. You save every receipt and use them to enter multiple totals (before coupons, coupon total, after coupons, etc.) into a spreadsheet, so you can bask in the glow of how much money you are saving.  You use above spreadsheet to prove to others how ‘not-crazy’ you are and post the totals on your blog.
  8. Unlike your friends who may sneak clothes and expensive shoe purchases into the house, you now sneak bags of deodorant, shampoo, and air fresheners into the house and put them away before your husband sees them.  “But, they were free,” doesn’t work with him any more.
  9. You fume over the shoulder of someone in front of you using a coupon that you don’t have.  Then you run home and look the coupon up on the internet to see where they got it.
  10. You’ve been proposed to in the check-out line by men behind you who watch in amazement as your total plummets to mere dollars.  (True story!  And when I said I was married, he said, “Your husband is a lucky man!”)

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  1. Zombiemommy January 17, 2009 2:23 pm


  2. Misty January 14, 2009 11:57 am

    LOL – Ok, I’ve done all of those, too. And I’ve had strangers be very grateful, and I sniff at the ones that don’t bother to say thanks. 🙂 I have another top 10 list going, because there are so many more than 10, so I’ll have to include yours, if you don’t mind. Thanks!


  3. Zombiemommy January 14, 2009 9:25 am

    11. You check out the carts going down the aisles in stores and notice if everything in their cart is on sale with coupons. If so give them the in confidence smile.

    12. Give coupons to the people in front of you if you notice product in their cart that you have a coupon for (of course one that you would never use, don’t want to waste money on a stranger do we?).

    13. Your husband is getting tired of getting razors and hot sauce as a gift for every major holiday.

    Hilarious! I love this article, every single one is SO TRUE!

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