Zoobooks Coupon Code Deal – 10% off

February 4, 2010

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Save 10% for the Holidays

Here’s a quick deal for you:

Zoobooks, who puts out a fun animal magazine for kids (awesome pictures!) also sells board books, soft cover books, and lots of other great animal stuff.  Anyway, there is a 10% off code “ZOOBOOKS” you can use on any of the products in their store.

If you’ve seen any of their stuff, you’ll know that they have incredible pictures of animals and then add in the science facts disguised as fun activities and information.  I know my little 1-year-old is totally fascinated by animal pictures lately, and he’s really been enjoying animal picture books from the library.

Or, if you’re interested in the actual magazine, here’s their current special: “Get a FREE poster and FREE animal stickers with your Zoobooks magazine!


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