Build a pirate ship, a firetruck, and a skeleton For Free!

October 10, 2008

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There’s nothing like a activity with good instruction, quality materials, and zero cost to attract a homeschool family’s attention.  We just discovered the Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinics at our local hardware store.  They are scheduled every other week during the school year (once a month or so in the summer) and include some great hands-on crafts.  Best of all, it’s free!

Here’s what we liked:

  • Easy online sign-up and clear information with project pictures for the next two clinics with a waiver you print and bring in with you.
  • The project was from 10 – 11 am and we could arrive any time in that hour to do our project.
  • The whole family, infant to age 8, was welcomed with the baby stroller parked at the edge of the room.
  • Friendly Lowe’s employees readily helped us and were very patient.
  • Awesome FREE Lowe’s apron for each kid with a slot for their name card.
  • The building kit came in a bag with large, clearly illustrated directions.  The wooden pieces were all pre-cut and the nail holes were even pre-drilled for beginning ‘hammerers’.
  • At the end, each child received a nice certificate and a cool patch (much like Boy Scout merit badges) to sew to their apron.  Some of the kids there had aprons almost completely full of patches.  What a great family tradition!
  • We got to take the pirate ships home where they became a craft project for another day.  We painted the ships and when they dried, sprayed them with a lacquer (purchased at Lowes 🙂 to seal and waterproof them.  The kids were very anxious to get them in the tub to test them out and make a few action figures ‘walk the plank’.  Bath time battles galore!
  • Did I mention it’s totally free?

I hope you enjoy the clinics as much as we do.  Do you know of other good hands-on building and craft resources?  Please share them in the comment section.  Thanks!

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