10 minutes or less – 2010 Winter Olympic Fun Ideas #5

February 1, 2010

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Are you too swamped to plan anything big, but you want the kids to get excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics?

These ideas are for you – no work, no fuss, only fun:

  • Plop down in front of Vancouver Olympic Committee’s official YouTube channel and start clicking.  Watch videos until you’re done.
  • Students Live chose 24 students to attend Olympic events and write articles, blog, tweet, facebook, video, etc., about their experiences.  Help your child choose one and see what they’re learning and enjoying about the Olympics.
  • Check out the Olympic Torch Relay Interactive Map and click around as the torch makes it’s way to the Opening Ceremony.  Make sure to click on the “Stories” button under each day to read about the interesting people chosen to carry the flame.
  • Browse this comprehensive list of Olympic Videos:  Don’t miss Vancouver host videos, cultural Olympiad videos, explore Vancouver videos, Olympic torch relay vids, video galleries by sport, and more.
  • Go to the Official 2010 Vancouver Olympic website and have your child pick any of the 15 winter sports arrayed in blue boxes across the top of the page.  They have very cool info including photos, news, about the sport, training, and my favorite: “athlete’s voice” where you get to hear actual athletes describing things like a typical day of training, etc.  Awesome stuff for kids (and adults) to explore.


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