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January 19, 2011

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I was looking online for some ideas to teach Algebra.  I stumbled on these great videos all done by a man named Salman Kahn.  In each video, he picks one concept and then walks the viewer through it step-by-step.

It turns out that Salman Kahn had a younger cousin who needed a bit of long distance math tutoring.  From that small start, he has created the Khan Academy with thousands of YouTube videos explaining math concepts plus a myriad of other topics in short 10 – 20 minute chunks.

Read the inspirational story of Salman Kahn (under the FAQ tab), the man behind all the educational videos.  His ambition is to provide a world-class university level education to the world for free.   Khan Academy provides lectures similar to online universities from some of the best colleges out there.  His work is really a great contribution of knowledge to everyone in the world.

On his home page, he has over 70 video explaining the Algebra I concepts in an organized list.  Directly below it are another 180 videos working Algebra I problems with step-by-step explanations.

It’s an entire video Algebra I curriculum, entirely free!  If you explore the tabs and rest of the page, you’ll find videos on tons of other topics as well.

After my son finishes his Math 7 curriculum in the next month or so, he’s planning on working his way through the Algebra I videos.  We’ll post an update about how it goes.

Has anyone else used the Kahn Academy videos?  How did they work for you and which ones did you like the best?


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  2. Sarah January 24, 2011 10:07 pm

    Misty –
    I am loving this website! We’ve watched a lot of videos and I’ve even used it for my Physical Science class I’m teaching (Newton’s Laws). Thanks for the tip.

    Also Jonah really is liking the scratch website. 😀

    I loved the videos of Grandma coming to visit — too cute, with Jacob’s face and all…

    Hey, also, a couple of families are getting together on Monday January 31 10-12 at Pump It Up Party in Canton (Michigan Ave and Canton Center Rd.) to bounce for a couple hours. We’ve got cabin fever BAAAAD. $7 per kid….maybe we’ll see you there?

    Hope all is well.

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