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January 9, 2012

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If your kids are gripping about writing lessons, why not start teaching them to type?

I remember watching my toddler use a mouse better than his grandma and realizing that we are in a completely different world now.

So, why wait to teach typing?  In fact, I have to admit, I type much more nowadays that I actually write.

One of my BFFs (hey, old people can have BFFs, too), recommended a great site that her kids have been using to learn to type, for free:


What we like:

  • It’s FREE (There is an optional one-time $10 fee to remove ads and unlock extra lessons and games)
  • You can track your progress.
  • Typing games make it more fun to learn.
  • A free Teacher Portal:  If you sign up first, you can make a username and password for each of your kids.  Then, using the teacher portal, you can keep track of each child’s progress.  All the basics are free.  (They do offer ad-free and premium service options for $4.99 per student if you’d like.)

I hope you enjoy it, too.

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