All My Nice Sets . . .

September 8, 2010

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If you’ve been a homeschool parent for a while, you’ve probably accumulated some nice, EXPENSIVE, learning ‘sets’  like my set of sandpaper letters pictured above that help young kids trace the letters and feel them with their fingers as a precursor to writing.

You’ll notice the lovely artwork done in whiteboard marker all over the front and back of my sandpaper lower case ‘j’.  (insert muffled growl of frustration here)  So, I was at the sink trying to scrub off the completely NON-erasable marker from the tile and having no luck.  I complained loudly in the vicinity of my husband, “I have no nice sets of anything left around here!”

His response, in a mostly non-mocking tone of voice . . . though the smile was a bit suspicious:

“You have a nice set of children.”

LOL – Ok, I do have a nice set of children . . . even they’ve destroyed all my other nice sets.

I’ll have to remember that more often.

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