Did you know there is a Homeschool Carnival on the internet?

January 22, 2009

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I like to be efficient – Hey, I have 5 little kiddoes. I’ve been known to talk on the phone, slice homemade bread for lunch, use my foot on a towel to wipe up a juice spill, all while using facial expressions to tell my kids to, “Stop arguing, RIGHT NOW! Can’t you see I’m on the phone?”

So, I just discovered the Homeschool Blog Carnival – a great way to quickly peruse an entertaining assortment of homeschool blog articles all in one place. A lot of homeschool bloggers submit their favorite articles, and then a new person each week compiles them all together, usually with a fun theme, so you can take a virtual carnival walk-though, (eating our virtual zero-calorie cotton candy), and pick and choose what articles you’ll stop in and take a look at.

It’s a fun way to take a look at what’s being written out there by a whole assortment of homeschoolers. Enjoy!

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