School at the Park – Ideas to Make Homeschooling Fun

April 21, 2010

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Jacob has just discovered the most amazing creation in the universe . . . THE PARK!  He bolts out of the car when we get there and runs from slide to swing to climbing wall the whole time we’re there.  I’d love to suck some of that energy out for myself.  Any ideas on how to do that?

So, this morning he headed out to the garage to throw away his diaper (starting chores early :-)) and before I knew it, he had climbed into the van, up into his car seat and told me very firmly, “Park!”

The rest of us finished our writing (while Jacob screamed at us) and then loaded up our school books, hats, water bottles, a box of crackers, and headed to the park to do school.

Here’s how much more fun it is to do school at the park:

Alex had jotted down his spelling words and I quizzed him while he circled me on his scooter.

The slide and the swing sure spiced up Brooke’s reading, so she didn’t mind so much (We’re waiting patiently for her to discover that reading is fun!)

And here’s a video of Jacob happily practiced his colors (though the red step kept throwing him) and crazy toddler jumping skills.  That’s what happens when you have three older brothers to show you what kind of acrobatics are possible, even if you’re not quite 2-years-old yet:

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