Use Puppets To Solve Conflicts and Arguing – Tuesday Tips

June 23, 2009

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Photo by Erin

If you’re looking for a different take on ‘conflict resolution’, look no further than your sock drawer (or toy box).

“Will you PLEASE stop arguing?”

“How do you think your sister feels?”

“Why can’t you be nice to each other?”

. . . and on and on.  It seems like conflicts between kids crop up all day and my tendency is to lecture ‘ad nauseam’ while my kids roll their eyes and pick up their fight as soon as I’m out of earshot.

Next time you have a few minutes (preferable when everyone is NOT hot and heavy from arguing), grab a few puppets or stuffed animals and:

  • Using fake names, have them act out a typical conflict – exaggerate and add sillines to make it fun.
  • Repeat the scenario with the puppets making better choices and resolving the conflict.
  • Start a dialogue with the kids about what worked, didn’t work, pros and cons to the two scenarios, etc.
  • Pass out the puppets and let the kids join in.

Puppets help kids respond well because they are switching from participating in the conflict to observing and analyzing the conflict . . . and it’s much more fun than the traditional lecture followed by stuck-out tongues behind your back 🙂

Do you have a quick tips for the rest of us?  Something helpful you’ve discovered that you’d like to share.  Please do.

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