3 Reasons To Start A Homeschool Blog!

August 30, 2008

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Welcome to the first post on Homeschool Bytes!

I hope you enjoy the site, leave comments, and send me your homeschool tips and ideas.

Colored Pencils

The real title to this post should be: “Why Would A Busy Homeschooling Mom Of 5 Kids Under The Age Of 8 Be Crazy Enough To Start A Blog?”

So, here is what I was thinking:

1. To save a few trees and share great homeschooling information with friends.

I’ve been homeschooling for a while, and have uncovered a lot of great resources in many different areas. When I’m talking to fellow homeschoolers, I’ll mention a website, a curriculum, or a good place to get a deal, and invariably they ask me to repeat myself or jot the info down on whatever scrap of paper I can dig out of the diaper bag.

Also, our house is cluttered, and I hate all those little bits of paper floating around the house. So, I try to keep everything on the computer – it takes up less space. Plus, it is much easier to search a computer directory than to dig behind the entertainment center where a stack of post-it notes got blown when the kids ran by with blankets over their heads being ‘ghosts’.

So I want to put everything in one place with this blog. So, less clutter, and when I want to share with a friend, I won’t have to dig for crumpled Post-Its and use the pencil with a half broken lead I found buried in the debris of our minivan’s floor. I’ll just have to direct them to my fancy new website. . . Oh, and I’ll probably have to spell ‘Bytes’.

“Homeschool Bytes?”

“Yes, like the computer bytes, as in little packets of information.”


“No, not bites with an “I”. I know that’s what it sounds like, but it’s a homonym . .”


Ok, maybe crumpled Post-Its aren’t so bad after all.

2. To create a one-stop shopping for homeschool info.

I don’t know about you, but getting 5 kids in and out of car seats limits our shopping trips to one store, or two if it’s a life-or-death sale. I know I really love and appreciate it when I can get everything I need in one store, and I’d like to be able to do the same with homeschool information.

I know, with the huge amount of homeschool information and resources out there, it would be impossible to put it all in one place. But, I’d like to at least try.

And it’s all about the ‘bytes’. I don’t have time to read through the oceans of information out there and really appreciate resources that condense it all and just give me quick, to-the-point ‘bytes’ of useful information. That’s my goal here – useful, and occasionally funny, bytes of homeschool information – everything (Ok, many things) you need to know, all in one place.

3. To collect information from all of you.

If there is one quality of homeschooling parents I love, it’s your pursuit of knowledge and willingness to share and help others. You sacrifice every day to help your children get the best education possible, and love to help others do the same.

So many of your conversations with each other are full of tips and helpful advice:

“I just found this great book. . .”

“That curriculum worked well for my daughter, but I found that my son was able to do better with . . .”

“I’ve found this technique keeps me from screaming at my kids at the end of the day . . .” J

So, I am hoping to create a place that homeschool parents can contribute their expertise to the community as a whole, and we can all benefit. Please add your comments, advice, experiences, and even frustrations, so we can all benefit.

Here goes – We’ll see how it turns out.


P.S. Reason #4: And for my entrepreneur side, if this were to make a bit of money on the side somewhere in the future, I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. It would help me brush up on my homeschool math skills, after all.

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  1. jackson July 27, 2014 9:40 am

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  2. John December 4, 2008 3:13 pm

    My homeschool kids love doing science related projects. We found a good website that has free fun exciting and cool experiments. I will put the link below for any other homeschoolers interested.


  3. Sarah September 16, 2008 9:48 pm

    Hey Misty, this looks great! I love what you have so far.
    Why don’t you add the free movies showing for the next 9 weeks at the Goodrich movie theater…
    and that free calendar print-out site is http://www.printfree.com — all sorts of planners, weekly calendars, monthly, horizontal, vertical, you name it…FREE.

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