Can Art Skills Be Taught? Try “Learn to Draw with Billy Bear”

November 20, 2008

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Of course they can be taught.  Still, how many time have you heard kids and adults say, “I’m not an artist,” or “I can’t draw.” 

(And for the grammar teachers out there, where does the “?” go in the previous sentence?)

Well, I think much of artistic ability is a learned skill, like anything else.  I can at least progress past the boxy stick figures of my childhood, even if I’ll never be a Michelangelo.

Here’s a really fun starter website for the kids:  Learn to Draw with Billy Bear.

There are drawing sheets and step-by-step drawing lessons for lots of kid friendly characters.  And the drawing lessons even include instructions to draw the images in popular paint computer programs for the kids who want to dip their toes into beginning computer graphics.

Try a lesson on drawing cartoon faces, one on how to draw eyes using Paint Shop Pro, or the weekly Grid Art showcasing a black and white drawing with an overlying grid to help the novice artists.

The pros?  It’s full of resources that are once again, free 🙂  Enjoy! 

The cons?  The site is a bit advertising heavy with pop-ups (my browser is set to block those, so I don’t notice so much.

Do you have some favorite art and drawing sites?  Please share in the comment section.  Thanks!

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