Never too Young to Learn to Vote.

October 9, 2008

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With politics everywhere you look today, what a great opportunity to discuss and teach about the election, voting, democracy, women’s suffrage, The American Revolution, taxation without representation . . . ok, this is like the joke about how many homeschoolers it takes to screw in a light bulb:

One to hold the ladder while discussing stabilizing forces, one to check out a biography of Benjamin Franklin, one to analyze costs of turning on the light and the resulting monthly electricity bill, one to role play how to motivate the group effort . . .

Life is learning.  It’s really lots of fun, and not that hard 🙂

Back to the vote.  Here are some fun resources:

  1. Inspired by memories of being taken to the voting booths by their own parents, Take Your Kids 2 Vote is an awesome website dedicated to helping instill the desire to participate and vote in our children.
  2. PBS Kids has a site about the process of voting and how important each vote is.  Also, if you’ve seen PBS’s show Zoom, check out this “Zoom out the Vote” page for more election learning and fun.
  3. For lots of great info and lesson plans find your local affiliate of Kids Voting USA.  If there isn’t one nearby, browse through some of the other websites on the page, most of the sites have a link to activites or lesson plans like these on Ohio’s Kids Voting USA site. 
  4. CurrClick is having a mock election for kids.  They are a company that sells lots of high quality curriculum for decent prices and is also having specials on all their election time material.  (Plus, if you sign up for their email newsletter you’ll get a free downloadable product each week.) 
  5. Texas Public Schools have a “Project Vote” and have posted some of the curriculum here.  (It is around the 8th grade level)
  6. Washington State has a mock election and great election curriculum posted here that is sorted into three grade ranges.
  7. Finally, check out the National Student/Parent Mock Election for more great information on how to get involved.

(And for the parents who are looking to untangle all the rhetoric, I just discovered, which seems to offer unbiased and referenced clarifications of the issues, voting records, and accusations on all sides.)

I hope you enjoy these resources.  Do you have any ideas on teaching children about the election process?  Please share with us in the comment section.

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  1. Dana October 22, 2008 11:14 am

    Thanks for posting these links. I’ve been wanting to talk to our son (7) about the political process and you have helped tremendously.


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