Memorize with Us (Story Tricks): The story of Dell and the pool full of blue chickens.

January 12, 2009

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Did you have trouble memorizing facts in school?  Would you like to make memorizing fun and easy for you and your kids?  Read this silly story to them and see how easy it is.  Check back and learn more fun facts with us:

The State of Delaware Silly Fact Story

Take a look at the maps (and point it out to your kids) while you read the following story and picture it taking place on this tiny little state on the Eastern edge of the U.S.  (You can make the pool in the story be the Delaware Bay)

Once upon a time, there was a Dell laptop computer who arrived at a pool party with nothing to wear.  After trying on swimsuit after swimsuit, he couldn’t find one that fit, so he decided to wear a tie instead.  

When he came out of the dressing room, he slipped in the smashed, pink, peach goo that coated the pool deck.  There were peach trees in full blossom all around the pool. 

Slipping and very sticky, he tried to get to the pool, but there was a huge metal capital letter ‘D’ sculpture blocking his way.  He backed up, ran as best he could in the goo and dove over (dover) into the blue pool.

But, it wasn’t blue with water.  Instead, the pool was filled with blue hen chickens (no boys allowed)!  As the Dell was drowning under the hens,  he quickly carved his will into the concrete side of the pool, broke out the heavy piece of concrete, wrapped it in a mink shawl to keep it warm, and threw it up to the pool deck.  The will, made out of concrete, weighed a ton, so it fell back into the pool and sank.

Now Review:

  • What state?  Dell + wear = Delaware.  This uses the keyword memory technique, seperating the sounds in a word, translating them into images, and making a silly visual with them.
  • Which state was it to join the Union? tie = the consonant sound ‘t’ or ‘d’ = the number 1 = the first state.  This is the major number system, which takes a little practice to learn, but is very powerful for translating numbers into sounds and letters, so you can make pictures which are much easier for us to remember than numbers.  More on this later.
  • What is the state flower?  Sticky smashed peaches = The peach blossom.  More keyword technique.  Plus now you add this to a running storyline to link Dover to Delaware.  This is called linking.
  • What is the capital?  capital D + dove + over = Dover.  
  • What is the state bird?  Instead of blue water = The blue hen chicken
  • What is the largest city?  will + mink + ton = Wilmington. 
  • Finally, can you pick out Delaware on a map?

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