Memorize with Us: The Siver Pen and Hairy H’s (Pennsylvania Facts)

January 15, 2009

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Welcome to our series using fun memory techniques to quickly memorize facts. 

The State of Pennsylvania Silly Fact Story

 (Location: Examine the map and imagine the rectangle pulled up in the middle to make the mountain in the story. Imagine the story taking place on the map.)

Once upon a time, there was a pen made from beautiful silver who was very vain and kept herself polished and sparkly at all times. (pen + silver + vain = Pennsylvania)


But she still wasn’t happy and wanted to know how to be even more beautiful.. She heard about a mountain where a wise flower grew named Lord L. He was said to have the answer to any question. (State flower = Mountain Laurel)


So, she started up the mountain, but was wearing her fancy shoe and kept tripping. After she had skinned her knee over and over, she took off her one fancy shoe and went barefoot. (knee = ‘n’ sound = the number 2 using the Major System = 2nd State to ratify the Constitution)


It started getting colder and colder and she had no clothes.  Brr!  She looked for something to put on and saw a bunch of capital H’s hopping around the mountain. The monster H’s were covered in so much hair they couldn’t see a thing, so the silver pen was able to sneak up and rip bits of hair from them, lick it (yuck!) and stick it all over her body to keep her from being cold. Brrr!

(capital H + hair + brr = Harrisburg is the capital city) 

“Give me some of that! I’m cold, too,” said a big mean elf who ran up. The elf stole more and more of her hair, using it to fill his shirt, sleeves, and pant legs so he would be warm. Finally, the huge filled elf waddled off, round as a ball and warm and toasty. (huge + filled + elf = the biggest city is Philadelphia)

The pen only had a little bit of hair left to keep her warm when a whole flock of birds came shrieking out of the sky, pecked the last bits of hair off of her, pooped on her, and flew away to make their nests with the hair. The once beautiful pen looked down at herself. Her smooth pen body was rough from the pecking birds and gross from the bird poop. “Rough. Gross!” She said and cried. She wished she’d stayed home and been happy with what she had. (bird + rough + gross = the state bird is the Ruffed Grouse)

This story uses the keyword technique, linking, and the mnemonic major system

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Bonus:  Plus, if you’re studying Pennsylvania, here is a page FULL of information for a Pennsylvania Mini-Unit Study – history, maps, recipes, crafts, etc. etc.

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