Toddler Lessons – Try a Shape Hunt!

March 6, 2009

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What do dice, small Kleenex boxes, a Jack-in-the-box, and a red wooden block have in common?  Well, besides part of the mess all over the living room floor 🙂

They are all cubes!

So try this next time your toddler or pre-school age child is pulling on your pant leg and begging for attention while you’re trying to help the other 4 children with their school.

Send him or her on a Shape Hunt!

  • Pick a household example of a cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramid, tetrahedron, or rectangular prism/cuboid.  Ie. soda cans, funnels, boxes, balls, sticks, etc.
  • Show it to your child and explain the characteristics of the shape.
  • Send them off to find other examples in the house.
  • Choose a tally/reward for each item found:  a small treat, a sticker on a page, a check mark on a chart, or make a chart and have them draw a small picture of each item they bring back in the coresponding section.
  • When you’re done display their chart proudly on the fridge.
  • Play the shape game as a distraction at the grocery car, during car drives, on the church bench . . . ok, I’m thinking of way too many places my pre-schooler is bored and needs distracting.

What fun ideas do you have for this age?  I find my 3-year-old gets impatient and bored when I’m trying to help the older kids.  I’d love some more ideas!!

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