Fun Math with Treats – Tuesday Tip

May 12, 2009

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I need help and some good ideas from you!  Do you have a bit of advice for other homeschooling parents?  Something that has worked well for you lately?  Chores?  Cleaning Tips?  Bargains?  Favorite websites?

Here’s the place to post it – Please help us all out by sharing a short, one paragraph tip in the comment section that you think would help other parents.

(Feel free to link to your blog – I’m happy to help spread the word about great blogs.)

Here’s my tip:

Brighten up your Math Lesson with Treats!


Next time you’re having a difficult math day, bring out an assortment of small snacks and use them to apply your current math concept:

  • Sort the dried fruit
  • Venn diagram some nuts
  • Calculate the area of a Fruit Roll-up
  • Estimate the skittles in a cup
  • Bar graph some M&Ms
  • Calculate radius and circumference with Fruit Loops

Brighten up a math concept that’s been dulled by too much paper and pencil!

You’re next – take a moment and please share a tip with us!

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  1. Becky May 13, 2009 3:34 pm

    One of my favorite bargains is the freebies Currclick offers every week. They have also had a Mother’s Day freebie event. You can get several freebies each day. Today there are four to choose from and there will be more tomorrow.
    I also found Educational books for 99 cents each at I got 25 books last night for $37.90 total.
    I have all the details on the currclick on bookcloseouts on my blog.

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